Maldives’s beauty will dazzle your heart and leave you awestruck.

From Flawless beaches to lavish resorts, Maldives is a perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind your mind.
Best Time To Visit: December- April
Currency: MVR

Prestigious for its large plunging openings, the sky blue waters of Maldives are home to various marine life and corals of unmistakable tints. Obviously a lot to explore while on Maldives tour package. While the beautiful blue tidal ponds are ideal for swimming, the reef dividers offer a kaleidoscope of ocean life for increasingly experienced jumpers, making it an asylum for water sports devotees.

The Places you can visit by choosing Maldives Tour Package are:


The capital city, Male is both business and monetary capital. Seat to the official, lawmaking body and legal executive, this city is a visitor most loved also. The history sweethearts will be satisfied here, given Male houses a few structures and landmarks of authentic significance. Male is effectively available by ship vessels from the universal air terminal. By choosing Maldives Tour Packages one can Travel to different islands in the Maldives is likewise very plausible from Male because of the excellent ship availability. In Maldives Tour Packages they will get island bouncing, candlelight supper by the ocean, breakfast ship to an uninhabited island (honestly, this is conceivable), scuba plunging, or even dolphin looking for all you relaxation sweethearts. This ideal occasion will never bear the cost of you an inactive minute!

Banana Reef

Banana Reef, probably the most established reef found in the Maldives is enhanced with staggering caverns, great bluffs, wonderful coral developments and ground-breaking overhangs. Banana Reef is likewise populated by sharks, barracudas, and groupers, making Banana Reef one of the world’s most well known jump locales. The quiet and inviting flows combined with extraordinary perceivability demonstrate to work truly well for first-time jumpers, students and learners to consider going all in with. It is additionally a serious advantageous choice for master and experienced jumpers since it permits them to go further and investigate the striking scene underneath the outside of the waters better.

Island Hoping

Maldives is comprised several islands, each quite set aside from the opposite . The more commercial and known ones include Alimantha, Mirihi, Kudahuvadhoo, Gan and Hulhule. You will get from one island to other by seaplanes or Dhonis, local boats with diesel engines – you’ll definitely be spoilt for the selection whether you decide for the aerial views during a seaplane or drifting within the cool blue waters on a ship.

Must Visit Attractions


  1. Underwater dining at ithaa undersea restaurant
  2. Rent out a cottage at baros island
  3. Go on a provate yacht tour


  1. Maldives Submarine tour
  2. Dolphins and whale watching on a sunset cruise


  1. Scuba dive AT HP reef

Best hotels (based on reviews)


Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa


Bandos Maldives



Travel info/Travel tips

  • Do Plan your trip according to the weather as it may get really hot and humid during the Summer season (April – September)
  • With the Maldives being a Muslim country, We recommend you not to carry Alcohol while entering the country.
  • The Maldives is a place where you go to relax, and that's why we suggest you book only one resort for the whole time of your trip so that you can genuinely “relax.”
  • Experiencing water sports is a must when you’re traveling to the Maldives.
  • You can't miss the beaches that glow at night (literally!) on Vaadhhoo Island

Visa Info

  • Visa on Arrival
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