10 Extremely Smart Outdoor Travel Products

An awestruck list of camping and outdoor travel products that are really cool & surprising.

Here you will find even some products you didn’t even realize you ever wanted on your next trip. Maybe from this list, you may find an ailment of your specific issue.

So find this useful list of surprising travel products.

1. Portable Power Station

On-the-go compact generator for your on-the-go power needs. So always keep your lights, cameras, phones, and laptops juiced up with this portable power generator.

2. Mini Satellite Communicator

Works over the Iridium satellite network, this device will be your ultimate reliable hope for survival in any adverse or extreme situation.

3. Compact Foldable Seat

A much-needed gear for commuter lines to campsites, music festivals to sporting events. Simply unpack and lean on to it and you have a comfortable place to rest.

4. Pop-up Privacy Tent

A must-have for a variety of functions especially for females, very easy to set up and offers excellent privacy.

5. Collapsible Bucket

A priceless utility that fulfils a variety of purposes like carrying water, gears, equipment, firewood while on the go.

6. Foldable Camping Light

This collapsible solar-powered and waterproof product has provided a great relief in various camping situations where there is low or no light. It functions as a lantern, a flashlight, and an emergency light.

7. Outdoor Picnic Mat

If you’re a beach minimalist, then it will be more than a hidden gem to you. Multipurpose and Multi occasional, this mat literally folds up into bag equals to the size of your hand.

8. Backpacker’s Shower

A very simple and portable camping shower that turns any 1-2 liter bottle of water into a quick and convenient shower.

9. Collapsible Travel kettle

Works like a normal kettle but cope up with your travel needs by collapsing itself. Hence you needn’t compromise with your precious luggage space.

10. Emergency Survival Grenade

Obviously not a detonator, but surely will be a life saviour for adventurers in extreme conditions. Though tiny, it includes twenty-five different tools that can be used in various outdoor situations.

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