10 Genius Travel Accessories That You Never Knew

Improve your overall travel experience with these insane travel gears and accessories that are too cool to resist.

Travel is not easy always, there come many situations where you have to compromise with some situations that you can’t cope-up with. But the dedicated startups and entrepreneurs are looking into the problems a traveller faces. They are coming up with much-needed solutions that are really very useful in this travelling world today.

So here find the list and feel more luxurious without breaking the bank.

1. 360 Spherical Camera

Produce more realistic “as-if-you-were-there” 360-degree content. This Bluetooth connecting camera enables you to quickly and wirelessly upload stills and high-resolution 4K videos for immediate showing and sharing. 

2. Stay Connected Without Networks

A smart and safety tool for adventurers to stay connected in any situation that works anywhere in the world with no satellite, routers, or cell tower services requirement at all.

3. World’s Smallest Steam Iron

World’s smallest Steam Iron which is able to remove the wrinkles from almost any fabric and can find the spots in your luggage where the bigger ones can’t even think.

4. Portable Espresso Machine

With no cartridges or electricity requirement, this little portable machine can give you a delicious cup of espresso while you are on-the-go.

5. Keychain Reading Glasses

Always within your reach, a glasses in your keychain for solving your various reading purposes! Serves the same obligations as your traditional reading glasses but with a style and by being so compact.

6. Fingerprint Keyless Lock

At least one point of time in your life you had lost keys somewhere and rest is known to you till now. Though this lock wouldn’t guarantee if you lost your fingers somewhere, its certainly a better and smart option to choose these.

7. Instant Offline Language Translator

Different from the conventional ones, this translator doesn’t need your phone and Internet connection to help you out with the language barriers. Highly travel-focused, this simple translator offers you fast and seamless translation.

8. Weatherproof Notebook

A notebook with a unique moisture shield to give you the writing ability even in extreme weather conditions. This pocket notepad can efficiently stand up to rain, sweat, mud, sleet, snow, oil, and grease.

9. Anti-Theft Hand cum Shoulder Bag

A girl’s backpack that suits all types of individuals – travellers, college students, surfers, adventurers, and the like, according to their individual needs.

10. Insulated Can Cooler

A great gift for beer/wine lovers who wants their drink to remain chilled till the very last drop, works far better than any standard neoprene koozie in the market.

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