10 Genius WOMEN TRAVEL ESSENTIALS That You’ll Beg To Have

This list contains weird but cool travel essentials for women that you never knew existed. Your first impression will be like “OMG! I wish I would know it sooner”

These women travel essentials are sure to add a little bit of comfort to your traveling life. Though not sci-fi innovations, these are related to solutions to your very common issues. That’s why you will be emotionally connecting to these essentials right away.

So here we go with the list of women travel essentials that you most probably never knew existed.

1. On-The-Go Razor For Women

on-the-go razor for women

Whether you miss spots frequently or you need quick touch-ups, this travel-friendly razor designed for those moments away from home when you realize you need a quick shave – whether at the work, gym, beach, school, travelling, etc. Know More

2. Portable Urinal Funnel for Women

travel urinal for women

Experience the same convenience that men enjoy, so no need to be brave enough to use the dirtiest public restrooms or squatting in the bushes. Know More

3. Underarm Sweat Pads

underarm sweat pads

Excessive sweating can anytime put you in an awkward situation. Whatever the situation is, whether you’re on your dream vacations or a Friday lunch date – those sweaty armpits can put you in a great discomfort. Know More

4. Double-Sided Tape for Extra Security

Just say no to gaping blouses. Secure low-cut tops. Ensure that backless clothes drape correctly. And stopping straps from sliding. Look your very best and stay fearless at the anywhere you go. Know more

5. Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Blackheads can create a war zone on your skin leading and even regular exfoliation may not be able to remove them completely. This blackhead remover uses vacuum suction. Know more

6. Heal Acne Overnight

Heal Acne Overnight

Be travel ready always. Struggling with acne and its scars is a nightmare and a battle. Luckily this thing is proposed to heal acne and its scars, and it treats your skin like a magic charm. Know more

7. Compact Makeup Mirror With LED Lights

For the makeup obsessive ladies, this thing will be your ultimate partner in low-lights. And for lovers of those ladies, this gift is perfect to win their hearts all over again. Know more

8. Overnight Period Protection Undies

Overnight Period Protection Undies

Sleeping is haunting in periods. Changing positions is the most uncomfortable thing. So these undies makes sure a good night’s sleep even during your period. Know more

9. Anti Sweat Bra Liners

An ultimate solution to wet clothes and irritated skin. Say goodbye to unsightly & uncomfortable under-breast perspiration as these bra liners minimize its effects. Know more

10. Fertility Monitoring Device

Fertility Monitoring Device

No more guesses and remembering the dates and enjoy your dream vacations to the fullest. This fertility monitoring device gives you the convenience to track ovulation in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Know more

11. Aroma & Oil Diffuser Necklace

A necklace that provides perfect aromatherapy every single day and is even better for your traveling days. Know more

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