10 Weird But Useful Travel Hacking Products

By depicting weird doesn’t mean useless. Indeed travel hacking products are really helpful while on-the-go. Actually the solutions these products provide are really genius.

These travel hacking products are luxuries at a low price. They are built to make your travelling life more comfortable and accessible. So here is the list of products that are weird as hell but extremely clever and affordable as well.

1. Travel Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Travel with this fashionable scarf to keep your phone, passport, wallet, keys and other essentials safely concealed in a hidden pocket so as to steer clear of the worst-case scenario.

2. Collapsible Water Bottle

A bottle that keeps you hydrated anywhere/anytime and asks for very little space in your life without bothering you. Certainly a good bet for minimalist travellers for whom space is at a premium.

3. Water Bottle with Built-in Pill Organizer

Your daily pill organizer combined with the water bottle. A great replacement for your ordinary daily medicine/pillbox. It keeps all the things at one place and also makes it easy to remind of the pills to be taken.

4. Travel Vacuum Bags

These bags are somewhat different as while using this you DON’T need the suction pump to suck the air out.

5. Travel “Money” Belt

An emergency situation belt if you have lost all your belongings and AT LEAST left with what you have put in your belt earlier. After all, Something is better than Nothing!

6. Reusable Bottle Protector

There will be no way out for your bottles to spit inside the bags, just put all your bottles in the bubble bottle packers and off you go with great peace of mind.

7. Travel Security Lock

This handy insider door lock is a serious need of many no matter where they stay for additional safety and security, hence greater peace of mind.

8. Lay Out Flat Bag

No more digging and dumping in a traditional black hole make up bag. See all your cosmetics at once. Cleanup in seconds.

9. Luggage Straps

A strap that not only keeps your luggage secure but also visible, hence speeding up airport travel.

10. Travel Clothesline

Make doing laundry easy, hang your garments up to dry with this lightweight travel clothesline while on the go. Excellent for undies, socks, and other lighter clothes but it may not be an ideal choice for heavier clothes like jeans.

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