18 Clever-As-Hell TRAVEL HYGIENE Essentials To Overcome Germophobia

2020 has changed the ways we used to travel. Though hygiene was always part of travelling, now it got stricter than ever before.

Sanitizers and masks become daily essentials. But solely relying on these won’t be a smart decision to expose yourselves especially while traveling.

Germaphobia or not, this list of must-have travel hygiene essential products should always be in your packing list.

This list contains really surprising travel hygiene essential products that are available in the market but you might are not aware of its existence.

1. On-the-Go Water Filter

Let rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and glaciers be your drinking water source. know more

2. Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

No more EWWW moments. Your hygiene partner for travel and outdoor is here. Extremely ideal for kids, women’s hygiene, and pregnant women. Know more

3. Portable Travel Bidets

Avoid the unsanitary conditions and keep your nether regions clean and fresh anywhere your travel takes you. Know more

4. Water Purifying Bottle

Simply fill the water from any pond, river, or stream and make it pure + drinkable within seconds and stay from the risks of ruining your entire journey by drinking the unfiltered local water at any remote location. Know more

5. Portable Urinal Funnel for Women

Experience the same convenience that men enjoy, so no need to be brave enough to use the dirtiest public restrooms or squatting in the bushes. Know more

6. Expandable Towels

These pill like towels are a great replacement for wet wipes and tissue papers and carries no chemicals or alcohol. Know more

7. Travel Wet Wipes for Adults

Keep yourself fresh and happy with this specifically designed wipes by adding this to your gym duffels and hiking backpacks for quick hygiene. Not just a butt wipe, Its larger size can make you clean your whole body by removing odor, sweat, and dirt, efficiently and effectively. Know more

8. UV Light Phone Sterilizer

UV light phone sterilizer

This thing sanitizes almost all the things that we touch the most like Mobile Phone, Wallet, Jewelry, Watches, etc. It also claims to eliminate the bad odor of the items through Aroma Therapy. Know more

9. Toothbrush Sanitizer

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Yes, your toothbrush does require sanitization to prevent the yuck coming after all it’s the first thing you use in your day. Know more

10. Foul Smell Eliminator

This charcoal odor eliminator absorbs and eliminates any and all odors from your stinking clothes and shoes. It literally makes your all stuff smelling fresh. Know more

11. Mini Humidifier

Mini Humidifier

Is a humidifier is your necessity while you are on-the-go? This simple but effective device works with any standard-sized water bottle which makes it the most convenient one out there in the market. Know more

12. Thai Crystal Deodrant

Thai Crystal Deodrant

You’ll forget all other deodorants. This literally contains no chemicals, oils, or fragrances and is made from natural mineral salts. It’s not made up for covering up your body odor, instead it kills smelly bacteria at any source even from the feet! Know more

13. Satin Pillow Cover

Super comfortable and an addition to your travel hygiene, this ultra smooth and easy to pack pillow cover saves you from scratchy and uncomfortable pillows of the hotels. Know more

14. Easy-to-Carry Travel Sheet

Feel luxurious and save yourself against dirty bedding. A truly hygienic product that even takes a very little space in your packing space. Know more

15. Personal Air Purifier

Wear this air purifier around your neck for your own personal clean air while you go anywhere. Know more

16. UV Sanitizing Wand

In this era of hygiene, this wand is a great help. From hotel rooms to plane seats, this sanitizing wand kills germs and bacteria on any surface just by a simple wave. Know more

17. Travel Urinal for Men

No need to watering plants and walls or using the unhygienic washrooms. This mini toilet urinal bucket for travel is a boon. Know more

18. Oral Swabs (Toothettes)

Best alternate for your toothpastes, it gently removes surface plaque and debris from teeth and oral tissue. Know more

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