17 SURPRISING Travel Products That Are Extremely CRAZY But USEFUL

An awestruck list of travel products that are seriously cool & surprising.

By depicting ‘crazy’ doesn’t mean useless. Indeed these are really helpful in your travel life. Actually the solutions these travel products provide are really genius.

These travel products are luxuries at a low price. It’s going to make your life more comfortable and accessible. So here is the list of travel gadgets that are weird as hell but extremely clever and affordable as well.

1. Extreme Portable Hard Disk

Extreme Portable Hard Disk

Extreme why? Because it can take care of itself as it’s Ruggedized, water- and dust-resistant. Moreover good things come in small sizes! Know more

2. Smart Erasable-Reusable Notebook

Catch your ideas before they fly off. This smart notebook makes you quit wasting papers and its mobile app to blast your notes to the cloud. Know more

3. Keys & Phone Finder

Keys & Phone Finder

This is for the amnesiac among you. This little “anything finder” attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast. So if you left anything somewhere, you’ll always know where to look. Know more

4. Crystal Lens For Creative Photography

Crystal Lens For Creative Photography

A gift for both professional and amateur photographers for creative and best shots of their life. This spherical ball offers you a 180-degree view of your surroundings, so as you can click the best out of it. Know more

5. Touchscreen Gloves

Stay toasty warm with these tech inclined gloves that allows you to use your phones and gadgets without any hassle. Taking off the gloves in cold weather will be an old memory for you as it includes sensitized finger pads in the forefinger and thumb. Know more

6. Foldable Travel Bags

It’ll be so easy to carry a lot of shopping stuff while you’re traveling. This pouch sized bag opens up into a good enough sized luggage carrier for your all extras while on-the-go. Know more

7. Remote Shutter

Your awkward-angle selfies are sorted out! Just setup your camera anywhere and take classy self portrait or group photographs. Know more

8. Phone Hanger

A super useful phone hanger that hugs your phone like you do. This multipurpose phone hanger can also be used when driving. Know more

9. Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City Maps

A literally old school map that can be crumpled up and stored anywhere you want. Know more

10. Selfie Spotlight

Selfie Spotlight

Yes a little weird but this will be your perfect shot. Extremely useful for nighttime and other dim light photography where your phone’s camera gets uncomfortable clicking. Know more

11. TRX Trainer Kit

This is for enthusiasts who have to work out in any condition. It surely gonna take your training to the very next level. Know more

12. Anti Hangover Drink

Anti Hangover Drink

Because mornings are for headstarts, not headaches. Less morning-after misery with morning recovery. This formula helps your body rehydrate, detox, and replenish faster. Know more

13. Massage Ball

A Ball that’s gonna give you huge relief from the stress and workout knots and that too all on your own. Know more

14. Smart Mini Projector

Smart Mini Projector

This can size projector gives you the power to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more up to 100 inches big anywhere in your home. Know more

15. Digital Meditation Guru

Digital Meditation Guru

Meditation and distractions go hand in hand. There are a lot more efforts required for a proper meditation that you might think. This digital meditation guru comes to your rescue. This little device helps you reach the goal of 21 meditation minutes a day, so that you can live longer, remain younger, disease-free, happier, and healthier. Know more

16. Smart Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Though we can hardly control our life pressure, a startup is giving you full control over the tyre pressure of the vehicle. An extremely easy way for vehicle owners to know about their vehicles’ tyre pressure so that they drive safely. Know more

17. Luxury Headphones

luxury headphones

Probably the most classy and elegant headphones of the world. Know more

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