20+ Essential Travel Planning Apps For Self-Booking Lovers

Love to book your travel arrangements all by yourself? Love to be your own travel agent?

Probably you may save a lot of money while doing so, but managing time and switching between a lot of travel websites to get the best deal is really a headache.

And by far if you get succeeded in doing so, managing it all takes guts with a risk of spoiling it all on your most exciting day.

Hence from planning till tour end date, there is a lot of help (apps) you should try as per your need given in this list of essential travel planning apps. So here we go!

1. Trover (#best for travel inspirations)

A photo-sharing app (Android & iOS) that enables you to connect with a global travel community and share photos and tips about great places that are hugely inspirational. Well, it has some similarities with Instagram, but it’s only about places and nothing else, actually the best of everywhere. You have an amazing album of photos. 

2. App in the air (#best for frequent flyers)

One of the best apps for frequent flyers. This app (Android & iOS) tracks your flights, itineraries, boarding passes, frequent flyer miles, and destination in one simple tap.

3. Priority Pass (#best for Airport lounges)

Make your Airport experience more rewarding. Priority pass (android & iOS) is a network that gives you access to 1300+ airport lounges, mini-suites, and airport restaurants. This app has even come up with indoor maps functionality of major airports worldwide.

4. Tripcase (#best as travel organizer)

A great way to streamline your travel itinerary, Tripcase (android & iOS) organizes all of your trip details and travel plans before and while on-the-go. Apart from arranging all your trip details it also helps you with flight notifications, locating seats on the plane, searching alternate flights, requesting an uber ride, sharing trip details with others, and more. 

5. Hopper (#best for flight rates prediction)

This flight price prediction app (android & iOS) boasts 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance! This app helps you decide on your travel plans by helping you with the cheapest days of traveling.

6. Citymaps2go (#best for maps and travel tips)

A very useful app (android & iOS) in low network areas and pricy data plans countries. This app includes online as well as offline maps for travel, hiking, trekking, and more. It also features photos as well as travel tips for almost any location worldwide.

7. Sygic Travel Maps Offline (#best in offline maps)

Not just another offline maps app (android & iOS), it also includes a travel guide and trip planner. This all-in-one app works with more than 50 million places to plan a detailed trip. Moreover, the app is equipped with photos, 360-degree destination views, and more.

8. The Flight Tracker (#best for tracking flights)

It’s very convenient to get information about arrivals, departures, airport terminals and gates, flight delays, and much more with this app. The app (android & iOS) works pretty well in getting details for all airports and flights all over the world.

9. Tripit (#best for travel planning)

Getting all the trip details in one place becomes an important part if you make bookings by yourself. The flight confirmation, accommodation details, and various details gets buried in your mail, and searching them is a very tedious task especially if you’re a frequent traveler. With this travel organizing app (android & iOS), you can make sense of all your travel plans and create a single itinerary.

10. Packpoint travel packing list (#best help in travel packing)

PackPoint (Android & iOS) is very serious about your packing list. It helps you in organizing your all-important stuff needed for your trip so never forget your ______again! Its suggestions are based on the length of travel, type of travel, weather, and any activities planned during your trip.

11. Skyguru (#best for those with fear of flying)

As the name suggests Skyguru (Android & iOS) works as a trainer to help you overcome your fear of flying. It also helps in getting more knowledge about aviation so as to remove any discomfort you come across while flying.

12. Memrise (#best for learning foreign languages)

Learning some useful words and phrases will make your foreign travel to another level. Traveling will be much easier when you know some tidbits of the local language with Memrise (Android & iOS).

13. All language translator (#best for foreign language translations)

This app (Android & iOS) is a tourists’ dictionary. It translates each word with a definition so as you won’t have communication issues while traveling.

14. Tip n Split Tip Calculator (#best for tipping)

A 2-in-1 app (Android) for your billing-related issues. It helps you to figure out the tip according to the country on any food bill. The other option is splitting the bill when you are out with a couple of friends.

15. SAP Concur (#best for travel budgeting)

Keeping track of all of your expenses while traveling is a must, especially when you are on a shoestring budget. Manage the entire travel expenses on the go with a couple of other essential travel features with this app (Android & iOS).

16. Calm (#best for peace of mind)

Travel is the most exciting part of anyone’s life. But sometimes it may cause stress and make you restless given any reason. To avoid any such circumstance you should have this app (Android & iOS) handy.

17. Viator (#best for activities booking)

A worldwide tour, activities, and experiences booking app (Android & iOS) with millions of trusted reviews. You get all the relevant information about local sites and tours with prices, mostly with discounts.

18. Opentable (#best for dining worldwide)

A worldwide restaurant booking app (Android & iOS). Wherever you’re, it provides excellent suggestions for places to eat, entertain, and relax.

19. TuneIn Radio (#best worldwide radio)

An all-in-one radio app (Android & iOS) that offers news, live commentary, podcasts, FM radio, and more from around the world at your fingertips. Tune-in to any station from anywhere.

20. Citymapper (#best for urban traveling)

Discover routes you never knew existed. A much-needed app for city dwellers and travelers. This application (Android & iOS) tells you exactly how to get around, including all modes of transportation, prices, maps, and schedules in real-time. But it works in limited major cities worldwide.

21. Moovit (#best for navigation)

Getting the best urban mobility information is critical. Even apps like Google maps don’t come to rescue sometimes. So if you move around the city a lot and are looking for the easiest and efficient way of commuting, then this app (Android & iOS) is built for you only.

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