10 Best International Romantic Destinations For Couples

Can’t decide where to go with your love for honeymoon? Want to make up for all the times you’ve been busy at work and not gave enough time to your spouse? Cherish and make beautiful memories with love and post amazing pictures on social media? 

No worries!! Whatever the reason is we’ve got you covered for all. This list of best international romantic destinations for couples from Jaipur has covered all the beautiful destinations with the best honeymoon tour packages and live a fairy-tale life with your bae!

Bruges, Belgium


Capital and the largest city of the province of West Flanders is a fairy-tale-like beautiful medieval town also known as the Venice of North. The city has also been added to the UNESCO as a World Heritage site as it is a prominent historical and a magical place for sharing the love.

Canals to cobbled streets every place is picturesque here. One can also visit the very famous Markt for shopping. Enjoy the local food here, even with some delicious sweeties for all the sweet tooth couples like crispy hot waffles, colorful bagels, and a specialty of Bruges the Merveilleux. 

The modern world with four wheels this city still has the pleasure of horse carriages, so go on a ride with them and look for the enormous, extravagant windmills and panoramic views.

The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye

Incredible mountain views and coastal sceneries The Isle of Skye is the most beautiful and the most romantic place to be at with your love, it also does justice to its name being a small island of heaven!

Irresistible fishing villages and the medieval castles with a breathtaking tour package makes it a big point for adding this destination to your list.

Are you also a beer person? Well, good news for you, this island is very famous for its beer brands and has its own bottled beers like the Black Cuillin, Red Cuillin and Hebrican Gold available at most of the pubs here.

Cinque Terre, Italy


An island between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and you are enjoying the scenic beauty with your beloved! Sounds impressive, right? Well, why dream when you can be at such a place! With rugged and panoramic footpaths roam around with your precious one hand in hand and relish the moments of love.

The coastal area within Liguria has many reasons to visit this place; the yummy seafood like Anchioves of Monterosso the local specialty, throat cleansing wine, colorful houses, and lots of love everything just perfect! For more information for this destination, click on the link below.

Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto means the capital city previously called Edo meaning river entrance, has once been the capital of Japan before they moved to Tokyo but still, the cultural capital of Japan is famous for its botanical gardens and impressive landscapes of nature’s beauty.

For the devotee couples and art lovers, this place is home to numerous Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces, and gardens with the serene Cherry Blossoms.

Kyoto is also well known for its traditional festivals held over for more than a century of years and also added as a significant tourist attraction. AoiMasturi in May, GionMasturi culminating in a massive parade on July 17, Bon Festival in which they light fires on mountains to direct the spirits to your home and giving a spectacular view to the viewers and JidaiMasturi is celebrated for the Kyoto’s illustrious past.

Santorini, Greece


One of the many Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is the most romantic island and the best honeymoon destination with fantastic tour packages in Greece. The rugged landscape due to volcanic eruptions in 16th century BC, and the beaches made up of black, red, and white lava pebbles are the cherry to the cake.

Whitewashed cubiform houses and the blue-domed churches, especially during the sunrise and sunset times give scenic walks with your loved one. Wine, local food, dramatic views, and the strange but unique white aubergine (eggplant) will make this place worth visiting not once but a hundred times and still the beauty will be magical every time. 

Island also draws many Asian couples for their pre-wedding shoots here! You can come for yours too!

Ubud, Bali


A town in the uplands of Bali which is a center of traditional craft and dance, rent a scooter just for you and your love and ride around! The town has many attractions worth watching like the temples and the Balinese culture and art museums to visit.

It can also book a peaceful and quiet villa for you both surrounded by the lush green forests. With the help of your tour operator, you can also explore the world-famous Ubud Monkey Forest. Book for the Campuhan ridge walk: a hill near Campuhan where one can see two rivers with our travel packages for more information click on the link below.

Kauai, Hawaii


A garden island in central Pacific nicknamed as “the Garden Isle” with a tropical climate and the second oldest island of main Hawaiian islands is an enchanting place to visit with your soulmate!

Blissful beaches, mesmerizing gardens, raging waterfalls, legendary resorts, and the famous Kona Coffee are a specialty of this island. One can never get bored of this place and its serene beauty. Unplug yourself from the entire world and live a dream in Kauai. 

With cliffs and pinnacles go hiking along with your partner to the places like the Sleeping Giant Mountain ridge. Waimea Town and Hanapepe Town are great spots to grab some meal, shopping, and exploring around; you can also contact your tour operator for the same. 

Na Pali coast and Makauwahi Cave are also some of the must-go places here to have a look at the fossils and the artifacts. So, visit this heart throbbing place and leave no stone unturned!

Venice, Italy


A city in northeastern Italy and a capital of the Veneto region also known by many different names like “The City of Water”, “Floating City”, “City of Canals” and many others. The city is separated by canals and linked by 400 hidden bridges and narrow lanes. Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, architecture, and artwork like a live Renaissance painting.

The city celebrates architecture and art with a famous Carnival of Venice wherein the world recognized everyone wears Venetian Masks. With the finger-licking seafood and the beautiful symphony of orchestras, the city tops all with its magic. Stop waiting and add this incredible place to your list of romantic destinations to go once in a lifetime!

Cerf Islands, Seychelles


Surrounded by the colorful coral reef and granitic geology also home to the fruit bat, giant tortoises, sea turtles, and clownfish the island is known as the Marine Park. 

Not much of the population this island only has small art galleries, Anglican and Catholic chapel, and a cemetery. So unwind yourself with this island and enjoy the dreamsque view here with your loved one. 

The place also allows for adventure sports like snorkeling added to your tour package, so, go dive in the beautiful and colorful waters of The Cerf.



Mountainous Central European country with the dramatic medieval quarters is a must go for every couple to recreate your love with your beloved. 

The country is known for its wide range of traditional customs with notable contributors to literature, art, architecture, and music. Famous for the delicious world-renowned Swiss chocolates and the stylish Swiss watches this country has got you secure options to make up for your love with these incredible gifts!!

The country also recognized for the ski resorts and hiking trails and many more!! Enjoy the spectacular view from the top of the hill and live the life of a fairytale!

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