Use this Genuine Easemytrip Coupon Code for Cheap Air Tickets

Your smartness made you land on this page for real shit that is happening in the discount world via codes such as the Yatra coupon code, Cleartrip coupon code, and EaseMyTrip coupon code.

Major travel companies are using every algorithm possible to woo passengers. And if you are using anyone from EaseMyTrip, Yatra, or Cleartrip, then you are at the right place.

And for the Makemytrip or Goibibo users, I would suggest switching to my other article that has a secret tip to find Goibibo or MMT coupon codes for dirt cheap fares.

So what’s the scene?

The straightforward answer is Google Flights.

Not only does it list flight details and fares from various travel websites, but it also has some serious discounts that you might not have noticed till now.

What are you talking about, Vikram?

I checked almost 30 flights to make sure that this works.

And out of 30, I got 25 results with a positive outcome. Only it was lacking in a few cases of Cleartrip.

Now I will let you know with the actual screenshots of what I did and how I reached this conclusion.

STEP 1: I searched for a flight for 5th March 2023 (Delhi to Chennai) and selected Spicejet for an economy fare with baggage.

Easemytrip coupon code

Step 2: And I did the same search on the Easemytrip website, here is the result on the checkout page after coupons.

Easemytrip coupon code

Step 3: Then I clicked on the fares shown on Google flights in Easymytrip’s tab. And I got redirected to Easemytrip’s website via Google Flights. Look what I found, a whooping 700+ rupees discount! 

Easemytrip coupon code

Step 4: I did the same search on Yatra. Here are the screenshots from direct landing and via google flights landing. A discount of almost 700 rupees can be seen.

Easemytrip coupon code

Step 5: And I did for Cleartrip, and I got almost a 500 rupees discount.

Easemytrip coupon code

The Conclusions:

It is almost 80% working and you might save ranging from 500-2000 rupees per booking. The discounts can be even larger as far as I can see.

This is just not the case for domestic, even International flights are also showing great discounts while landing from Google Flights.

The important point to remember while searching through Google Flights:

  1. Use Incognito mode OR Logout from Google + clearing browsing data.
  2. Preferably use a PC Desktop browser.
  3. You can also use VPN to fake your IP address.
  4. The success rate is 80% overall.
  5. You have to be a little fast to book at the best rates as the flight rates are really dynamic.

Happy Booking and Saving.

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