Secret Goibibo and Makemytrip Discount Coupons for Cheapest Flight Tickets in India

Let’s talk about the famous travel booking websites or apps in India, Goibibo and MakeMyTrip. These travel giants are just ruling over the nation at this point in time.

Every other self-booking lover is putting a Goibibo and Makemytrip discount coupons on the checkout page of these websites and getting a decent discount on their travel plans, whether it’s a hotel or flight booking.

Now what if I say that you are still short of the maximum discounts you can get on these apps?

What if I say that there are some secret Goibibo and Makemytrip discount coupons available?

Yes, there is a way out.


Let me tell you a simple trick that can exaggerate your discounts to the next level.

There is a Meta search engine that you might have already heard about,

But what’s new in it? How is it going to help?

Let me tell you that Skyscanner is a website that lets you compare flight fares from various websites such as Makemytrip, Goibibo, Cleartrip, Bookingdotcom, Agoda, and many more.

I tried checking some fares on this website (Skyscanner) and compared them with those available on Goibibo and Makemytrip, and I was stunned to see such huge discounts.

Here are the screenshots of what I actually did.

Step 1: I searched for fares (Delhi to Kochi)- 12th March 2023- One way, economy fare, with baggage

Step 2: I selected a fare of Vistara, which was showing INR 6,131 on Goibibo through Skyscanner.

Step 3: Then I searched for the same flight on Goibibo (without redirecting through Skyscanner) with the same dates and the same condition, look what I found.

Step 4: Then I clicked on that particular flight, and after clicking on discount codes and all, I found the price INR 7,021.

Step 5: Now I again went to my previous research (Skyscanner) and clicked on the fare to see what would be the final cost on the checkout page.

Step 6: Look what I found!

Step 7: There’s no step 7, I just witnessed a 900 rupees discount through this method on the same website!

Things don’t end here, I was curious and enlightened to find such a good discount. To my curiosity, I searched for more flights and found that this trick works almost 60% of the time. 

How did I count 60%? 

After searching almost 20 flight options, I found this trick to be working 12 times. That’s a good number I guess.

I also made many searches for international flights, and to my happiness, I found the same results.

Here is an example screenshot, where I searched for Delhi to Singapore, a one-way flight, and almost got around 2400 rupees difference on the same Goibibo website.

Now, the most important point!

As you know Goibibo and Makemytrip are the same companies, the discounts are also working the same in the case of Makemytrip also.

Look what I found. (there are 2 pictures in this same picture)

Now I have shown you some real proof, there are some points that you should remember while making such a flight search.

  1. Use incognito mode while making searches (or else clear browsing history)
  2. You can also use VPN to fake your IP address.
  3. Try to use a PC Desktop browser for good results.
  4. There’s a 60% chance of getting the desired results.

You are good to go now!

Have a great searching and discounting experience.

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