Top 9 International Bachelorette Party Destinations

Confused over which destination to choose for your bachelor’s? Need a vacation to chill with your besties? Check out the following list of nine international bachelorette party destinations to take your friends along and chill. Bon Voyage!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

A sensual satisfaction, Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion, sexy and alive, this city gets under your skin as it gets too many tour packages along with it.

Steak, wine and ice cream

Not only the landscape is miraculous, but the foodies are also going to relish the heavenly delights as well ranging from parrillas (steakhouses) which are found in every nook and corner of Buenos Aires. These parrillas attract myriads of people, and after even glut toning lots of bife de chorio and vacioOjo de bife, they leave after eating dulce de lechehelado (caramel ice cream).

Art and Architecture

Art lovers love this place. Beauty can be found even in the slightest detail. The talented locals have converted this as their canvas. Visit this dreamland and try your hand.


Take a disco nap, gulp some coffee, and prepare yourself for the long night that awaits you after. No excuses will work because there is something there for everyone. Whether you are a sports fan, a hardcore party person, a rap masta, or any kind of person, this place just won’t let you sleep.

Las Vegas, United States of America

las vegas

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, “Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money” and “Everything and anything you want to do, you can do it in Las Vegas” are positive quotes for The Las Vegas and all these are rightly said. What is it that you want to experience in your life? If you cannot find it in Vegas, then you sure cannot find it anywhere. It is the perfect party destination for you and your friends. It is suitable for all types of people, a person who wants thrill can try his/her luck in the many casinos of the city, there are several options for the girls who only think about filling their wardrobes wherever they are, and those who just want to do something different and have the funds can hire a luxury car and roam around the city till they get wasted in their vehicle, and the driver drops them at their hotel. Simply, words cannot explain this heaven. Well, after sobering up, you can plan on going for a helicopter ride over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and for visiting such beautiful pieces of nature you can always contact your tour operator for the same.


The food in Las Vegas is quite amazing. But this won’t be enough, consome loco and cochinitapibil tacos are worth a try, the infamous Hot n’ Spicy shrimp will also take your taste buds to a better level.


“Vegas is the answer, no matter the question.” Just walk into any good nightclub, and that not so into a dancing friend of yours will soon be grooving to the music played by the DJ.

London, United Kingdom


A bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else. An evening in the Winter Wonderland is what people dream about every day, and if given a chance, no one should miss it. London has a lot to offer and has got a lot on your tour package, notably The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeon and the Big Ben.


Talking about food, if you are a non-vegetarian or even vegetarian for that matter, there are plenty of options for you. Do not forget to eat fish n’ chips, pie and mash, bangers and mash, cockles, Eton Mess, sticky toffee pudding, and Beef Wellington. Just thinking about these evergreen dishes can make a person’s mouth water.


Nightlife in London’s dictionary is a broader term than what we think nightlife is. It does not just include partying late night but also includes art nights, quirky restaurants, sightseeing (which in turn consists of the Illuminated River, London Eye, and Big Ben), late-night shopping, gaming, watching movies and the museums also remain open in the night.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


What comes to mind when you think about Amsterdam, eh? Well, whatever it is, Amsterdam is much more. With a history full of Nazi assaults, Amsterdam is full of museums and memorials. So, a person has to do a lot of thinking before setting foot into any of the museums. These museums include the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum, and many more.


If you go to Amsterdam and don’t try the following dishes, you surely haven’t made your trip fruitful. The recipes being BitterballenStroopwafel, Thick Dutch Fries, Dutch Pancakes, Raw herring, Kibbeling and if you are a weed lover, then do try a weed vapor-infused raspberry doughnut, Foisgras and hash jus, Hamachi with cannabis dressing and pasta with hash puree.


DJs like Martin Garrix, Tiësto, Yellow Claw, and Hardwell are born and bred in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam is the capital guarantees to you that it will not let get bored at any point during the night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

What does a person want in a city, cool weather, beaches, greenery, clubs, food, and development? What if you get it all? Well, that is because Rio has it all. Right under the eyes of Christ the Redeemer, Rio has a lot to attract its audience with amazing tour packages.


Nature plays a significant part in preparing the Brazilians’ food. Açai and Tapioca constitute a considerable part of their diet. But they are innovative people and don’t depend on nature entirely and have crafted some dishes too like Pastel from the fair, Feijoada, Fried sardines with lime and chicken hearts.


Looking for nightclubs, pubs, and bars in Rio. Without thinking twice, take a cab to any of the nightlife centers of Rio that are Lapa, Centro or Saint Teresa. These are all locations a party popper should keep in his mind before the night falls.

Bangkok, Thailand


Want to visit a peaceful yet violent, culturally yet vulgar city then Bangkok is your spot. Be it, Wat Arun, Chatuchak weekend market, or Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World every spot in Bangkok is quite hot but still might give you the chills.


A lot of people fancy fried chicken, but you have never tried Gai Tod. It is the authentic Thai fried chicken, Thai Grilled Pork, Sweet Potato Balls, Pandan Sweetmeat and Crispy Pancake are other dishes that a person might crave upon.


Looking for a cheap stay, beer and food, well, welcome to Khao San Road. Whether you fancy dancing on the streets or going to a club and doing the same Khao San offers both of these. As the saying goes that everything has a quality of its own, so you can even choose to spend your night at Sukhumvit. If you have watched the Hangover Pt.II, you’ll know what you are in for as a scene of the film has shot at Soi Cowboy of Sukhumvit.

Ibiza, Spain


‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ is a song by Mike Posner, this suggests that Vegas might stop, but Ibiza ain’t stopping. If given a chance to go and attend Tomorrowland, who wouldn’t. This is exactly like that as every summer in Ibiza invites DJs like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, and many more.


Hungry after the rave party during the night, and need something to get back in your senses. Well, then allioli is precisely what you need, and then there is Ensaladapayesa, tortilla de patata and Fideuà to fill that belly.


Are you looking to pop some pills, smoke some marijuana, and lose yourself to the beats presented by yours indeed (the DJ), then Ibiza is the place. Say no more.

St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg, “The Sunshine City,” is quite cold, has a waterfront and has the sun shining overhead most of the year, what else does a person want from a cold country like Russia. Museums like Salvador Dali and the Museum of Fine Arts are definitely worth a visit


What would you call a dish with beef and mushrooms? Who knows? Though the Russians call it Beef Stroganoff, then there is Borscht and Shchi as appetizers for the not hungry folk. The Russians are also talented bakers as they invented the Pirozhki and many other savories.


St. Petersburg is an experienced clubbing agent as clubbing has been a part of their culture since the ’80s. So, it is not a difficult job to find a nightclub there. Looking for new friends and trying to compete in a drinking contest, then you should give St. Petersburg a shot.



The Nazis might have stopped other countries from developing, but they made sure that they developed, and today, we can visit Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, and Museum Island in Berlin.


The people of Germany do more than just eating sausages and drinking beer. They also eat Gemüsedöner, Currywurstmit Pommes, Käsespätzle, and Rodizio.


TRADE, Weeeirdos, Room 4 Resistance, and Buttons are the nightclubs you want to enter while you enjoy your stay in Berlin as you try and blend in with the crowd and try making some new friends. However, the friendship won’t last long.

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